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Having pride going on in your city is really hard because like I have to try to look hot like every day just in case and it really takes a toll on me

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Tokyo Ghou Ep3: Uta-san

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That girl invited me along to the pride ball and I’m not sure if it’s as her date or not but either way I need to look really fucking hot for it

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flower-chucker sent: Okay but your hair is amazing though.

Thank you!!!!

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There’s this pride ball going on and I so badly want this girl to ask me like so bad

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Six selfies that I like??? I was trying to get some variety in there but it’s mostly just my hair

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I want to do the six selfies waaah

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here’s your shark boyfriend


here’s your shark boyfriend

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Holla @ my new vest


Holla @ my new vest

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please consider the following:

Blair  - Soul Eater